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Things I’m Stoked About: Tarot

I recently purchased something I’ve had my eye on for a while: The Golden Botticelli Tarot Deck. Check this out:


I have never used a deck personally before. I’ve been fascinated with the symbolism however, and in my continuing research into divination in particular, this has proved a great source of interest. I love the art in this one , and am slated to receive it tomorrow. Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I don’t believe I will get it tomorrow, but it will be a very fun thing to look forward for the Thursday after.

I also found another fun deck whilst searching for this one in my local Barnes and Nobles! This one was half the price and has excellent art as well, the Zombie Tarot.


The extent of my experience with tarot readings is from the Golden Thread app, which is really good for beginners as it features information on what each card means as well as the reversals, and has a nifty minimalist black/gold design to boot. You could even purchase a deck based off of it if you wanted a physical copy. The app tracks your daily readings as well as how it made you feel which you gauge through a selection of emotions. Then it maps your reactions on a graph.

From what I know so far I can’t wait to get started, and will update with photos and my thoughts as I go. Reading the cards for myself I believe will only strengthen my knowledge.

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Never Too Late

I’m actually going to go ahead and change the focus of this blog. By focusing on things that make me angry, I’m trying to focus on a source of energy that I simply do not possess anymore. Yes, it used to be one source of passion, but now I am tired. I’m going to go ahead and change the focus of this blog to things that make me happy instead. It will be far easier for me to write here more often this way. It won’t be nearly as draining.

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About the Author

To get a better idea of what topics I’m going to be attracted to and most likely to write about, I think you might want to get a better idea of who I am. Of course, you can go ahead and skip this. It won’t affect your reading experience in any way. I personally feel compelled to put this down however, so I will. It will give me a easier starting point.

To start with: a name. Or maybe two names. This is the first time I’ve written about this, especially with the possibility of people I know in real life knowing this (I’m not sure I’m comfortable enough to even tell my family, my closest friend only found out a month ago). It feels a bit off topic perhaps, but I have to remind myself that this blog is a journey of self expression and understanding as well as growth just as much as it will be about things that bother me.

My name is Colette, but it is also Aiden. I might get into why I do later, but it has to do with the fact that I use she and they pronouns. I also identify as pansexual, which means I am attracted to all genders regardless of identity. Some people use bisexual which, more or less, means the same thing. I happen to prefer pansexual for personal reasons. What this means is I will occasionally discuss LGBT+ issues. I will also discuss issues having to do with sexism, the environment, and other hot topics. I might also discuss sensitive topics such as religion. Sometimes it will be general, maybe I just ran into someone really rude who I just can’t wait to complain about.

Feel free to try to debate with me. I could use the practice, and it can help get me out of my shell.

I might get personal sometimes, but this will all be in the spirit of relating to what I’m discussing. Feel free to relate with your own experiences as well.

Let’s get started.

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Hey, thanks for joining me. My name is Colette and you most likely found your way here through our shared class. If you found me through other means, I’m curious how, but welcome you nonetheless.

This blogs particular focus is to talk about things that piss me off.

I have to be honest, I’m hesitant to use such abrupt language, especially for a account that was made to be associated with my schooling. I think it’s important to note however, that I have a very complicated relationship with anger. Anger is a common emotion, but it’s also frequently seen to be the most destructive and also the most difficult to control. I’ve been in many situations where anger has shaped and hurt many people, myself included. I’ve also been in a few places where anger was a common theme in my environment. So I tried shunning it, but bottling it up only harmed me. It helped me exit my last environment, but now it’s my job to use my anger to motivate me. I need to use its force and energy to push myself forward, and as write about these topics, I’m hoping to bring change and to create a brighter world. This operates off a core belief of mine:

Anger can create just as much as it can destroy.

So, yes, this blog is going to be about things that “piss me off”. I won’t be using expletives. I still want to try to operate this appropriately for the environment it’s being forged in. I am going to try to use my anger to change views or open eyes, and even if it doesn’t work, at least I’ve gotten my thoughts down somewhere.

Thanks for joining me, and enjoy the show.

“The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.”
― Joe Klaas, Twelve Steps to Happiness